FOEF Vol. 3 // fuckgenderfuckgender


A storm is brewing ...
It's getting colder, days are gloomier, and skies are greyer.
But we've got just the cure for that! It's going to rain GLITTER again, all over Delft.

On the 9th of December, Delft will see a night that knows no gender.
So get rit of those gender conforming attitudes and come as the wonderful creature of the night you were born to be! Embrace your inner Masculinity AND Femininity....because let's face it, conforming to only one gender is SUCH A DRAG!

So if you are craving for a night where nobody fits in, because we are all born to stand out, then buy those tickets now!

- €5,- Genderf*ckers tickets*
- €7,50 Limited door sale tickets

The line up and entertainment will be announced soon, but for all you disco/funk/pop/techno/house and beyonce fans out there, we've got u covered!

*Beware, people at Eventbrite need some of our money to get through their dull and glitter-less days, so service tax are added. Sorry 'bout it!


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